Can Iberia's Wild Horse Survive Among America's Mustangs?


The must-have book on Sorraias, mustangs, and Sorraia Mustangs.

"One of the most important and especially responsible works published in recent years", says zoologist Prof. Dr. Willmann about this book, which brings to your attention one of the world's last primitive horses, the Sorraia, and the precarious situation its offshoot, the Sorraia-type mustang, is in.

Wild Horses, Feral Horses, and Ancestral Horses, History of the American Mustang, The Spanish Mustang, The Preservation of the Spanish Mustang and the Sorraia horse, Scientific Proof for the Authenticity of the Sorraia Mustang – these are topices covered in this outstanding book, which deals with Przewalski's horse as well as with the Tarpan, with ancestral wild horse forms, with the "Barb myth", with the question of how Sorraias came to the New World, with how they could survive in the wild, and with the history of different mustang herds.




The Sorraia horse is the most primitive Iberian horse known to Man that still exists, a probable ancestor of the proud Lusitano, of Spanish Mustangs and Central and South American breeds. Indigenous to South Iberia, and influencial in the creation of many domestic breeds, the Sorraia horse is today critically endangered. It is no longer found in the wild in its homeland, but a few herds remain in domestication and semi-domestication.

Much misinformation has been disseminated about this ancient subspecies, but here is the first book in English, offering first-hand knowledge and authentic historical data!

What's more: Incredible as it may seem, this horse survived true in type among some American mustang herds!

"Born Survivors on the Eve of Extinction" – interesting, educational, and fascinating reading for all Iberian horse enthusiasts, wild horse lovers, and mustang fans


Born Survivors on the Eve of Extinction

– Limited Edition –

by Hardy Oelke

95 pages, lots of beautiful color photographs, hardcover

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A book on the Sorraia Refuge „Vale de Zebro“, the only place where Sorraias still live wild. Latest information on the Sorraia horse, compelling photography, bi-lingual English/German, with a summary in Portuguese

Ein Buch über das Sorraia-Reservat „Vale de Zebro“ in Portugal, dem einzigen Gebiet, wo Sorraias noch wild leben dürfen. Mit den aktuellsten Informationen über das Sorraia-Pferd und fantastischen Fotos. Zweisprachig Deutsch/Englisch, mit einer Zusammenfassung in Portugiesisch

Limited Edition, ca. 11 x 8,5", full color

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